The final stage of the Project focuses on support. Support can be broken down into 3 key areas: enquiries support, local support and order finalisation support.

The purpose of the Export Growth Project is not just to develop demand from local partners and key buyers. The purpose of the Project is to provide ongoing and continuous support throughout the 12 month duration in order to ensure enquiries can be converted into actual turnover.

Simon Arlington

EXPORT GROWTH Europe Director
The role of the EXPORT GROWTH Project is to develop your business and increase export throughout Europe, Russia, East Europe, Asia and the Chinese regions. Our role is also to provide you with extensive support to ensure you can grow your turnover effectively with the enquiries and contacts we create.

Deepak Mutajee

Export Growth India
India will become an economic super power. It has already become a very strong manufacturing nation and the rapid pace of growth means continuous demand for quality western technology.

Ivan Katyaskova

Export Growth Russia
Russia and East Europe offer significant export opportunity. In East Europe there is also additional EU funding which allows your key buyers access to the necessary financial assistance need to purchase your tehnology. Payment in this instance is usually confirmed by a letter of credit from a European Bank.

Huang Lee Yen

Project Director
Engineering Division EXPORT GROWTH Kuala Lumpur
Our teams are involved to help our clients based in Europe. We tailor make the support. They need local partners who are technically minded.

Export Growth Support

Europe Support

Nick Canane
Technical Director
TEL: 0044 0203 883 5070 ext 167
Joshua Cuby
Project Director
TEL: 0044 0203 883 5070 ext 159
Simon Arlington
Europe Director
TEL: 0044 0203 883 5070 ext 142
Daniel Vittowski
Export Growth Project Director
TEL: 0044 0203 883 5070 ext 144
Mary Thomas
Europe Client Relations
TEL: 0044 0203 883 5070 ext 151
Stephan deHuillot
Marketing Research
TEL: 0044 0203 883 5070 ext 119
Valerie Baumann
Local Partner Aquistion
TEL: 0044 0203 883 5070 ext 161

Russia and East Europe Support

Raluca Ranicescu
Project Director Romanian Office
Marek Pogozelska
Polish Office
Olga Barichenko
Russian Office
Ivan Crinoweka
Czech Office
Martin Sarenova
Baltic Office
Polish Office

China and Asia Support

TEL: 0086 755 677 399 356
Huang yen lee
Feng Lu Tang
Kim Fi Kwok
Monika Koi Chen
Shi Len Lo
Deepak Mutajee
Emily Wong

India Support

TEL: 0091 11 563 678 987
Deepak Mutajee
Rhezwan Pateliji

Canada & US Support

TEL: 001 212 456 7819
Brett Harmister
Project Direcor
Cherly Simpson
Project Director
Rachel Forester
Technical Director